Hey!!!  I'm so excited to work with you on your Project Beauty session - it's really laid back and it's a quick session too - so don't worry and come ready to have a good time!  Below are some tips on how to prepare.


  • SKIN.  No makeup, foundation or concealers - wash your face and use a moisturizer on face, arms & legs

  • HAIR.  Do what you want with your hair, but keep it kind of simple (curls/straight/ponytail/braids really anything works)

  • LIPS.  No lipstick or gloss, but you can use a lip balm so your lips aren't dry!

  • NAILS.  No polish or a nude polish (just make sure no chipped paint!)

  • CLOTHES.  Keep it simple (nothing trendy - this is about showing off your real beauty not the coolest new trends in clothes !!)  Jeans or jean shorts work well, but feel free to wear a T-shirt dress or another simple flowy type dress or skirt.  White or black tops can work great.  Other colors are fine too just make sure they are a solid color (no patterns) - and remember these images will be in black and white.  Tops can be fitted or oversized and baggy -- whatever you are comfortable wearing.  I can help you decide if you need a second opinion.  Just let me know.  

  • SHOES.  I say go barefoot (unless you really want to wear a shoe - I won't tell you no ;) )

You can see what we did in a previous year here:

I am super excited to get this started!!  Can't wait to see you all!