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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Senior Model for


Michelle McMillan Photography!








SENIOR MODEL BENEFITS - why would you want to be a senior model?

FREE SESSIONS!  All models will get 3 free sessions - model, senior & family.

  • The model session is a short session that will result in images that I will use for Senior advertising (these will also be added to your senior portfolio) - as a model, YOU will become the face of Michelle McMillan Photography Seniors!
  • The senior session is your full, customized senior session (choose the session that best fits your needs) and must be scheduled to occur prior to July 1.
  • The family session is a 30 minute session for your immediate family only & must be scheduled to occur before you graduate.

Free sessions include the the session only (any prints or products are purchased separately).

TOP MODEL ENTRY - Models who choose the Level 2 or 3 model program will be entered into a top model contest.  The top model winner will receive $100 cash from Michelle McMillan Photography.  Your winning image will also be featured on my website & social media sites.  Top model is chosen based on a point system.  Points are earned for votes on one of your model photos and for activities that you can participate in as a model (activities include referring others to my studio, posting on social media, etc).

COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS - some model programs include complimentary items:  the mobile app holds all images from your model session as well as all images you purchase from your other sessions (low resolution, watermarked images that you can share on social media as well as download for use on your mobile devices).  The slideshow video is a compilation of all of your senior session images, set to music.

BONUS SHOOTS - anytime I need to try out new lighting, props, backdrops, ideas, etc., I'll ask the Senior Models first (and you earn points for participating)!

INVITATION ONLY - Senior Model candidates are chosen by invitation only - this is an exclusive opportunity!


SENIOR MODEL PARTNERSHIP - your partnership with Michelle McMillan Photography - what I expect from you:

Exclusive photographer for your senior year - because my models are the face of Michelle McMillan Photography Seniors and will be featured as representatives of my brand, I must be the only photographer they work with from the time they sign on as a model, until they graduate.  It can be confusing and send mixed messages to the community if my models are photographed by another photographer.  The requirement does NOT apply to the standard pictures the school/sports/dance team hires to come photograph groups and events.

Minimum Investment - All senior sessions require a $300 minimum portrait investment (applies to all Model Levels)


BECOME A SENIOR MODEL  - join the model program at one of three levels:

Level 1 - $75 - BASE MODEL PROGRAM - includes free sessions & bonus shoots only - $75 not applied to product

Level 2 - $300 - BASE MODEL PROGRAM + TOP MODEL ENTRY + PORTRAIT CREDIT + MOBILE APP - includes free sessions, bonus shoots, top model entry, mobile app, $300 applied to your senior order

Level 3 - $750 - BASE MODEL PROGRAM + TOP MODEL ENTRY + PORTRAIT CREDIT + MOBILE APP + SLIDESHOW VIDEO - includes free sessions, bonus shoots, top model entry, mobile app, slideshow video, $750 applied to your senior order

Senior Session pricing, Prints & Product information

are below. 

Senior clients typically invest an average of $700-$900.





Watch this video to see the difference that a professional photographer makes...

Seniors - See the DifferenceSee the difference PPA Photographers make.